Trees – it‘s a nature, life, heat, cosiness and peace. They transfer theirs energy for people. Everybody cuddled tree can feel it‘s spreading energy, mysterious connection with a nature that we can‘t identified by the words.

Translated from Italian language name - „De la nature“ means – from a nature. Joining this words we get a sounding name „Delanature“. Exactly this name describes our creating jewelry, because it‘s decorating with wooden elements. All jewelry are unique, nowhere in the world You‘re not find the same one. Like a trees – anyone jewelry are different, have original pattern, structure, branches, own native land, own story. So all our created jewelry – in anyone You can find any tree‘s element, that is no more the same in the world. This jewelry history – it‘s all that‘s trees history, just is visible in a new form.

„Delanature“ jewelry are made from various wood species – lithuanian oak, ash, alder, and from the exotic madrona, bubinga, anegre, eucalyptus, koto, zebrano and more others. Wooden elements join metallic decorative details, natural linen threads, stones and ambers.

„Delanature“ jewelry are intended to children, woman and man – to somebody that appreciate naturalness, loves nature and life! It‘s wonderful gift for loved people, friend, colleague, guest, for all, who You want present a particle of a nature.

To feel and love nature with „Delanature“!